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... it was Downer in 2006 who as Australian foreign minister signed a memorandum of understanding with Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. The memorandum committed $25 million from the Australian government to the foundation for HIV/AIDs programs in China, Papua New Guinea, and Vietnam.

Washington DC-based news website The Hill reported Mr Downer played a role in the Australian government awarding $25 million more than a decade ago to help the Clinton Foundation fight HIV-AIDS in Papua New Guinea and Asia. US congressman Jim Jordan, a Republican and chairman of a House ...
Former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer's role in securing $25 million in aid from his country to help the Clinton Foundation fight AIDS is ... In the years that followed, the project won praise for helping thousands of HIV-infected patients in Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, China and Indonesia, but ...
Allegations of fraud by Clinton Foundation for HIV/AIDS services in New Guinea reportedly sparks FBI interest ... to honest bidding to provide HIV/AIDS services in Papua New Guinea on behalf of the Australian government when in actuality the deal was already crooked up behind the scenes for Clinton.
It is already capturing a lot of attention owing to the book's explosive contents and the reputation of the writer who sparked off an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation with his first book “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and ...
Former President Bill Clinton apparently misled Aussie officials in 2006 when he signed a $25 million memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Clinton Foundation and the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) in 2006, according to a complaint filed Thursday with the FBI.
... availability of a $15 million contract to provide HIV/AIDS services in Papua New Guinea on behalf of the Australian government after an agreement was already in place to pay the Clinton Foundation and/or associates.” Related: Here's Why There May Be No More Free Passes for the Clinton Foundation.
... Papua New Guinea and Flanders. • The Foundation failed to disclose support from the Algerian government. Officials told The Washington Post in 2015 that they didn't disclose a $500,000 donation from the Algerian government in 2010 for Haiti earthquake relief. • The Clinton Foundation belatedly ...
That story, along with House Republicans launching a probe into the recently resurrected conspiracy theory about the Clinton Foundation and a sale of ... “The oldest-known tsunami victim in the world“–> The BBC reports that scientists have determined that a skull unearthed in Papua New Guinea in 1929 ...
The money from Swaziland and Papua New Guinea for small AIDS programs actually originated from other donors, Australia and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. Rwanda gave the charity $200,000 in 2012. The initiative considered this a fee for medical work it did in the country, not a grant or donation.


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