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updated Sun. March 31, 2024

I spent two weeks in Mississippi and Louisiana during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina doing security and clean up. “As sheriff I will not sit back and just let the deputies do all the work. I will lead from the front and will not ask the deputies to do anything that I wouldn't personally do,” Irwin said. “It's time for ...

"I saw a need for this invention during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I had no way to warm my food. An item such as this would have allowed me to eat hot meals of my choice," said the inventor. The MAGIC AIR BALLOON MICROWAVE enables an individual to enjoy hot food away from home. It allows ...
Simulate the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, like Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab. Or recreate the sensory experience of the first year of life like The Guardian. Give out over a million Google Cardboard viewers to your print subscribers like The New York Times, so people can go on the campaign ...
She grew up in New Orleans and experienced the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It showed her that climate change is real, she said, adding, “It can happen to the place where you live, your home and your neighborhood.” “People really didn't expect to see flooding to that extent and to see how vulnerable ...
Duany envisions that the Puerto Rican exodus to Florida will be so extensive that it could surpass the number of New Orleans evacuees who fled to Houston in 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Tens of thousands came to Houston, and remained long after New Orleans had been rebuilt. “I think ...
When the levee failures in the aftermath of Katrina sent flood waters spilling onto the NOBTS campus, the pulpit was not spared. ... When Graham returned to New Orleans with his son Franklin in 2006 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the pulpit was used again during a special service for area pastors ...


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