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updated Wed. June 5, 2024

The Minister conceded Australia had fallen behind other countries in developing navigation technology, but said it was not too late. "What we're testing here is absolutely cutting edge, it's technology that is not used widely anywhere else and so if we get this right, we would have leap-frogged those who may ...
The AI-powered platform was developed by Stellenbosch-based technology company CLEVVA, using its decision navigation technology. The CLEVVA platform allowed Coleman and his technical management team to capture expert logic into the system and then make it available to staff as they perform ...

Alongside the US, EU and Japan, India is amongst the only 4 nations in the world to develop and deploy this satellite navigation technology that removes the signal errors from GNSS and provides highly precise navigation signals to the users. Implementing an SBAS system is a long-term investment for ...
Data provided by the company is used to address various issues, including public safety, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, navigation technology, and location-based services. In November 2016, an Atlas V 401 rocket from United Launch Alliance (ULA) launched DigitalGlobe's remote ...
... snow-plowing and waste-collection services. In 2013, the DIT first began installing IoT technology to better understand those vehicles' movements. Companies were asked to install Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) technology—a satellite-based navigation technology similar to GPS—on all ...
Swift Navigation's technology benefits a multitude of industries and applications—including autonomous vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), precision agriculture, robotics, surveying and space. With its innovation and technology honored by Inc.'s 2016 and Forbes 2017 30 Under 30 lists, Swift ...

The latest and greatest maritime technologies took the spotlight at the 2018 Seatrade Cruise Global, an annual gathering of 11,000 of the world's top cruise line and port executives. New to the conference, running March 5-11 at the Broward County/Fort Lauderdale Convention Center, was the Cruising ...
Autonomy and precision navigation technology are also essential. UUVs are expected to deploy for an extended period of time in conditions where command, control and communications are more difficult than they are for surface vessels, said Lee Mastroianni, special projects officer at the Office of Naval ...
Shanghai Huace Navigation Technology, a maker of global navigation satellite systems, surged by its daily limit of 10 per cent to 44.63 yuan. Avic Electromechanical Systems jumped 5.9 per cent to 10.24 yuan. Avic Shenyang Aircraft advanced 1.3 per cent to 30.03 yuan. Xi'an Chenxi Aviation Technology ...
True mass market growth is when every car is fully autonomous and operates with full navigation technology without a driver. This means every car will have a fully integrated navigation system. We are not there yet but are accelerating at a very fast pace. Children born today may never drive. So navigation ...

The Expo 2020 site is 4.38 hectares and will have hundreds of pavilions, event spaces, F&B outlets and other enticing things to see and do. We will use the best navigation technology to help visitors, participants, volunteers and employees quickly find their way around so they can spend more time enjoying ...
The U.S. Department of Defense, Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO), the Israel Ministry of Defense, Defense Research and Development Directorate (MAFAT), and the MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel are pleased to announce CTTSC3, a unique contest to identify and support the ...
Vesper Marine designed its Virtual AIS Beacon in 2010 and installed the first solution in 2011. Developed to address the need to make hazards at sea visible when costly physical infrastructure is not appropriate or is impossible to deploy, the Virtual Aid to Navigation technology that Vesper Marine has ...
That begs the question: is modern navigation technology generally defeating whatever causes the frequent instances of navigation issues in the area? A gyro compass, for example, has the advantage over a magnetic compass in that it is not affected by an external magnetic field. Navigation panels on a ...
Austin: MONKEYmedia, an independent R&D lab today announced the launch of its patented body-based navigation solution (BodyNav™) for hands-free virtual reality interactions. BodyNav leverages the existing on-board sensors of smartphones and advanced 3D headsets in novel and unanticipated ...
... systems guides their behaviour and optimises their performance, so they can address the challenges of navigating under variable light conditions. So oilbirds could provide a suitable model system for biomimetic studies, which may one day lead to improved navigation technology to be used in drones.
Paul Lewis, a policy analyst at the think tank Eno Center for Transportation, said changes to the FAA's technology overhaul program known as NextGen are possible. Members of both parties and industry representatives have criticized the agency's delays and cost overruns on a navigation technology that ...


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