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updated Thu. April 11, 2024

But at the same time, the senior officer confirmed that the IDF does intend to implement a compulsory process in the future that would give the Air Force first priority in selecting soldiers, over Military Intelligence and other units. The source of this problem lies in the rapid growth of the cyber and technological ...

K, until recently a senior intelligence officer, who was appointed to study the issue. The idea was to concentrate planning all “soft” activity – with foreign armies, diplomats, the foreign press and public opinion – under one military roof. This was done as part of Israel's effort to influence the enemy and Western ...
An anonymous, high-ranking military officer in the Israel Intelligence Corps told Ynet's Calcalist that a new “time capsules plan” would enable career soldiers in cyber and tech units to take the fully paid absence to work in select, nonmilitary tech companies. Israeli military tech and intelligence veterans are ...
Prior to the demonstration, all the security forces operating in the area set up a joint intelligence task force. The Samaria Brigade commander at the time, Col. Yoav Yarom, the brigade commander, told the Military Police investigator that the task force was part of “the preparations for a special situation, ...
A visit to Israel's increasingly tense border with Syria makes clear that the ground units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are building their own "air force." The clear ... “In today's combat, the low and middle levels of forces commanders need the intelligence information in a matter of seconds not minutes.
A number of religious male soldiers from the IDF Armored Corps refused to attend a commander's' training course on the grounds that women soldiers ... Kahana, who is also the IDF's Chief of Combat Intelligence said previously that the army allows female recruits more time to achieve the minimum level of ...
Advances in anti-tunnel technology have provided the Israeli military with new means of heading off such attacks f, said an Israeli military official who spoke ... It is the cooperation among the branches of combat engineering, intelligence, and the technological lab for tunnel detection in the Gaza Division that ...


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