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updated Mon. June 10, 2024

The foiling of the attack led to saving dozens of innocent lives and demonstrates that Unit 8200 is a player in the intelligence battle against Islamic State,” the IDF statement read. The bomb was reportedly home-made from military explosives sent from Turkey, under the order of a high commander of ISIS in ...

Artie Lange found himself back in jail on Tuesday night after cops showed up at his home and busted him for skipping out on a court date. Authorities say Lange failed to appear in Superior Court in Essex County for charges stemming from a drug arrest earlier this year. Lange, who has a long history of ...
As the German High Commander in Warsaw I can tell you simply: If the Jews in the Ghetto even THREATEN me and my men I will punch back with everything I ... If the IDF was among the Israeli civilians in their homes, would it be okay for Hamas to send in precision bombs into those homes that hold many ...
South Africa is home to several former high commanders from the former Mobutu regime of Zaire. Former Security Police Chief General Kpama Baramoto, former Special Forces Commander General Ngabale Nzimbi and former Zairean Defense Minister Admiral Mudima all now reside in South Africa and ...


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