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updated Mon. November 28, 2022

U.S. President Donald Trump sacked his top diplomat, Rex Tillerson, on March 13, citing specifically differences regarding the Iran nuclear deal. ... Couple all this with escalating Iranian protests across the country, and the regime's recent intention of filtering Telegram, a popular messaging app used by over ...

The Iranian nuclear deal has looked very fragile since the election of Donald Trump in November 2016 but, so far, the U.S. president has been persuaded to leave the agreement alone. That position is not likely to last much longer, according to political consultancy Eurasia Group, which predicted the ...
Bolton's appointment suggests that Trump plans to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal on the next deadline, May 12. According to the intelligence assessment presented to political officials, Tehran faces more pressure than it has since the agreement was signed, in July 2015, for several reasons.
... European nations, along with Russia and China could likely keep the 2015 Iran nuclear deal alive if Donald Trump pulls the US out of the agreement, as has become increasingly likely with CIA Director Mike Pompeo being the next Secretary of State, the private intelligence Soufan Center said in a report.
Europeans should toughen their position in ongoing talks with the Trump administration if they are to preserve the Iran nuclear deal and limit insecurity ... between Iran and Israel, in addition to repeated pledges from Trump to confront Iran, most recently in his Nowruz message marking the Iranian new year.
The crown prince of Saudi Arabia said his country will develop nuclear weapons if its rival Iran does. Prince Mohammed bin Salman told the American television network CBS, “Saudi Arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear bomb, but without a doubt if Iran developed a nuclear bomb, we will follow suit ...
“The Iran nuclear deal might have died Tuesday,” said the lead story published in the online magazine, The POLITICO, which alluded to the possibility as a possible upshot of Tillerson's ouster, who is being replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, a close confidant of President Trump who had supported his ...
WASHINGTON — The Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs, drastically different but often spoken of in the same breath, are now being thrust together, as President Trump's determination to kill the landmark 2015 accord limiting Tehran's capabilities is colliding with his scramble to reach a far more ...


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