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updated Wed. January 24, 2024

The conflict claimed the lives of thousands of people. Lord Murphy was first sent to Northern Ireland as an opposition spokesman in 1994 and was later appointed by Tony Blair as minister of state in the Northern Ireland Office in 1997. “I had a lot of experience of the situation because I had been sent there ...

Northern Ireland brewers and distillers have raised concerns that proposed changes to alcohol labelling in the Republic of Ireland will make it more expensive to export across the border. One of the proposals in ... The proposals have been controversial and have faced opposition from the drinks industry.
Mr Crawford also told the RHI inquiry that nationalist politicians could resist wholescale adoption of GB legislation to Northern Ireland. He said such resistance was sometimes "factored in" by his former minister Arlene Foster when it came to decision making. The inquiry has heard suggestions that the RHI ...
... Tory Prime Minister who not only undid Margaret Thatcher's project of completing the Single Market, but also undermined John Major's achievements in Northern Ireland. But while the Tories are the architects of Brexit, as things stand it is the Labour opposition which history will write as its handmaiden.


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