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updated Thu. March 21, 2024

Interview with the Spanish philosopher and Podemos Senate candidate, on the nation-state, nationalisms, populism left and right, conservatism, .... It is rather part of a conflict between two legalities, that of the central State and that of the regional Autonomous Communities and their institutions, but above all ...
The alert was issued for the 17 autonomous communities of Spain due to the storm Felix, born in the north of the Atlantic ocean, which since last Friday has brought ... According to the most recent forecasts issued by the Spain Weather Center (Aemet), Galicia remains on red alert today (extreme risk) due to possible extreme ...

The Spanish government's council of ministers has provisionally approved the allocation of up to EUR 74.36 million in funds to bring broadband access at speeds of up to 100 Mbps to schools in 7 autonomous communities throughout the country. In total, some 1.86 million pupils in 5,991 state-funded ...
The polar vortex is affecting Spain, where all autonomous communities are on alert for adverse weather conditions, after pummeling central and western Europe. On Monday, Rome saw snow for the first time in six years. After the Canary Islands experienced gusting winds and heavy rains earlier in the ...
“Given the slow progress of climate legislation nationally, and the existence of national policies that conflict with emission reductions, this regional law will provide a progressive and ambitious example for other regional governments of the 17 autonomous communities of Spain to follow,” reads a statement ...

But Mr Rajoy's government has pushed back against the encroachment of Catalan, not only in Catalonia but in the autonomous communities of Valencia and the Balearic Islands, where variations of the language are also taking a greater hold. Critics claim that the predominance of Catalan in schools puts ...
THE UN has called for a ban on children witnessing bullfights in Spain and attending bullfighting schools. The Committee on the Rights of ... We hope the Spanish government and the governments of Spain's autonomous communities will ban children from taking part in bullfighting activities.” The Spanish ...

“Not only child bullfighters, but also those who attend as spectators. On the Committee we are very concerned about protecting children from being exposed to said violence. We hope the Spanish government and the governments of Spain's autonomous communities will ban children from taking part in ...
We hope the Spanish government and the governments of Spain's autonomous communities will ban children from taking part in bullfighting activities.” The Spanish delegation told the committee it would consider the recommendations. The regional government of Catalonia banned bullfighting almost eight ...
The independence declaration by Catalonia's regional Parliament has escalated a longstanding confrontation with the central government of Spain. The government in Madrid ... Spain has 17 autonomous communities, making it a decentralized country, but not a federal state. Most of the regions have long ...
PAMPLONA: Spanish police on Tuesday arrested three people in the northern autonomous communities of the Basque Country and Navarre for paying homage to a former leading member of secessionist group ETA who died in November. News of the detentions comes as controversy mounts in Spain ...
Real estate agencies are refusing to rent properties to refugees and migrants in Basque Country, northern Spain, the SOS Racismo association has said in ... This data is based on 'testing' that has been carried out on 462 agencies in eight autonomous communities: Andalusia, Aragon, Asturie, Catalogna, ...
Barcelona's Mayor Ada Colau has announced that she will not participate in the welcoming ceremony for Spain's King Felipe IV, who will visit the ... application of article 155 of Spain's Constitution, which allows the Spanish central government to force any of its autonomous communities to comply with ...
Podemos believes that the current model of “Autonomous Communities,” drawn up at the beginning of the post-Franco era to appease an array of forces such as fascists, communists, and separatists, is past its expiration date and doesn't concord with the realities of today's Spain. It thinks Spain should take ...


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