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updated Sun. June 16, 2024

“I believe that this law comes, I think, not from Congress but from the executive branch of the government,” he said. “If it is ... Italian journalists asked the pontiff about migration to Europe, particularly about a recent decision by the Italian government of trying to reduce the influx of migrants departing Libya for ...

But in the case of BMPS, the European Commission, which is the executive branch of the EU, gave permission to the Italian government to rescue BMPS, Popolare di Vicenza, and Veneto Banca even if it meant using taxpayer money. The European Commission ruled that state money can be used in these ...
The Italian government recently authorized a navy patrol boat to begin reconnaissance in response to a Libyan request for help in dealing with its ... Libyan waters with the permission of the Presidency Council (PC), a group of nine people that represent the U.N.-recognized government's executive branch.
"The real aim of the reform is to shift the balance of power from the legislative to the executive branch and from the local institutions to the centralist government." Carbonetto said that the constitutional reform, combined with the new electoral law introduced in May, the so-called Italicum, will give excessive ...
TWO months after it held a general election, Italy has still not managed to form a new government. On April 24th the president, Giorgio Napolitano (who is chosen by members of parliament), asked Enrico Letta (pictured), a member of the centre-left Democratic Party, to cobble together a governing coalition.


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