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updated Thu. June 6, 2024

The primary aim of this case study is to map out aspects of the Greece Cash Alliance (GCA) operational model influencing key drivers of quality (effectiveness, efficiency and accountability) in the delivery of multipurpose cash grants (MPGs). The GCA was launched in April 2017 with funding from ECHO, ...
The Red Arrows, the aerobatics display team of the UK's Royal Air Force, has arrived in the Greek base of Tanagra , about 35 miles north of Athens for five-week exercise. This is the fourth consecutive year that the Red Arrows train in Greece where weather conditions allow the team to perfect and polish its ...

Karl Marx called ancient Greece the happy childhood of humanity. That captures the joy and optimism we can still feel in the Greek vision. Of course, there is pain aplenty in the Parthenon sculptures. Yet it is part of an epic sense of the complex marvel of existence that bursts out of this exhibition like Athena ...
Athens, Greece - In January, Stella Andrikopoulou's family was informed that they had 30 days to reach an agreement with the water company or see the home she was raised in auctioned off. The prospect of losing the home the family has owned for decades was a daunting one, and that fear prompted her ...
Athens, Greece - A mob of far-right protesters have attacked refugees and migrants who had been holding a separate demonstration in the main square of Mytileni, the main town of the Greek island of Lesbos. The attacks, which started at around 8pm local time (17:00 GMT) on Sunday, sparked clashes that ...
It's easy to see why Greece tops the list for so many travelers saving up for a bucket list trip. The country boasts ancient ruins, historical marvels like the Acropolis and the Oracle at Delphi, stunning scenery, and 6,000 islands, only 227 of which are inhabited. Of course, a visit to Greece wouldn't be complete ...

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece has beaten its bailout budget targets for a third successive year and eased its massive debt burden by a fraction as the ... on Monday reported long-awaited data for 2017 that will affect ongoing negotiations between Athens and creditors on the terms of Greece's exit.
There is little doubt that the looming economic crisis pushed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to declare snap elections. Before he did so, Erdogan's political ally had already suggested an early election. Devlet Bahceli, leader of the far-right Nationalist Movement Party, said Turkey should go to the ...
There was a significant increase of arrivals this month when 1,480 people arrived at the Evros land border, and 2,440 in the Aegean islands. The increase surpassed the border centre's capacity to accommodate new arrivals centers' capacity to accommodate new arrivals, leading to overcrowding, poor ...
KASTELLORIZO, Greece — In the narrow Mediterranean strait between the easternmost islands of Greece and the shoreline of western Turkey, Kostas Raftis steered his fishing dinghy along the invisible maritime border dividing the two countries. Usually, this is a placid spot where Mr. Raftis fishes for red ...

Savvidis is a powerful Russian-Greek businessman. He was also fined 100,000 euros ($123,000). ATHENS, Greece (AP) — The owner of Greek soccer club PAOK Thessaloniki was banned for three years on Thursday for his part in violence during a match against AEK Athens, including running onto the ...
Stage set for the Inaugural Convention of MeRA25, DiEM25 electoral wing, in the Ilisia Theatre, Athens, Greece. March 26, 2018.Last Monday (26/3) marked the birth of a new political party in Greece, MeRA25. Why should non-Greek Europeans care about yet another political party being launched in a ...
Conflict between NATO members and Aegean Sea neighbours Greece and Turkey is increasingly possible as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan flexes his regional muscle, writes John Psaropoulos for the Weekly Standard. The combination of upcoming elections in Turkey, Erdogan's concerns ...
The Guardian has apologised for offering a “gross” £2,500 holiday to Athens accompanied by the paper's own Greece correspondent Helena Smith and restated its commitment to coverage of the country. The title yesterday removed an advert for the “Greece and The Euro” trip – which would have explored ...
For Macedonia, Peace and Security” (news article, March 21) submits in an online picture caption that renaming Alexander the Great Airport was a concession by Skopje in the dispute with Greece over the name Macedonia. Actually, the new name redresses a violation of the bilateral 1995 Interim Accord ...
In an emailed statement to Al Jazeera later on Wednesday, a spokesperson for Guardian News & Media said: "The Guardian has been working with Political Tours to provide informative trips to Greece and other countries for people who wish to develop their understanding of the political and social ...
“In 2015, Greece was struggling to cope with such a massive influx of people in need. For most refugees making it to Greece, the country was a stepping stone to another European country,” said Country Director Shaun Scales. “But since then, much has changed – the number of arrivals has decreased and ...
The four biggest lenders in Greece — Eurobank, Alpha Bank, Piraeus and National Bank of Greece — are being stress tested ahead of the other European banks. This is because the country is set to end its third bailout program in August and both markets and creditors want reassurances that the Greek ...


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