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updated Sun. June 2, 2024

A German official said: “We just saw impressive, but also, of course, nightmarish, images. ... “But due to the experience of the past years throughout Europe and also worldwide and unfortunately also in Germany and in Bavaria we know that it can happen and that we need to be prepared for such situations.

The first involved inciting a 12-year-old German-Iraqi boy to target a Christmas market in Ludwigshafen. The child tried but failed to detonate an explosive belt at the market in 2016. The second was a plot to use his 17-year-old wife to bomb the Ramstein Air Froce Base in Germany, America's biggest and ...
German hospitality stakeholders identify a specific trend of the sector. The number of hotels in Germany is decreasing, but the number of guest beds goes up. Nearly 700 new hotels are planned to be built in the next three years, with 100,000 rooms, representing almost 17 billion euros of investment.
Police in Berlin have no concrete evidence that a half marathon in Berlin held on Sunday could have been the target of a planned terrorist attack, police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf told German Press Agency. "For runners and participants and personnel there was never a danger," he said.
"The West will not be able to free itself from terror. The West will sink as it feeds these terrorists.” Later reports from Germany suggested the perpetrator of the attack which killed two people and injured about 20 was a German with mental health problems. The authorities said there was no indication it was an ...
BERLIN -- Authorities say a van crashed into a crowd Saturday outside a popular bar in the German city of Muenster, killing two people and injuring 20 others. The driver of the ... Germany has experienced a number of terror attacks in recent years, including through the use of vehicles. In December 2016, a ...
Germany Car Crash Leaves Several Injured ... To the German city of Muenster now, where police say a vehicle has crashed into a crowd, killing several people and injuring others. For more on this ... That said, a police spokesperson has said that they're not ruling out that this could, in fact, be a terror attack.
According to Germany's Interior Ministry, it accounts for 60 percent of all entries made that year. Dr. Niovi Vavoula, a legal scholar at Queen Mary University of London who studies the use of the database, revealed that there's a significant divergence in laws in member states in case of reporting foreigners ...


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