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updated Mon. February 26, 2024

The Finnish government has opted not to continue financing it past this year, a reflection of public discomfort with the idea of dispensing government largess free of ... Other trials are underway or being explored in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Canadian province of Ontario, the Netherlands and Kenya.

Tom Cooper of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction said whoever wins the provincial election has a “moral obligation” to continue the project, ... Ontario is among several areas in the world experimenting with the idea of a basic income, including Finland, which began a two-year pilot project last ...
“The name Blue Abaya came from wanting to combine something from my country, Finland, in the blue color of our flag, with something from Saudi Arabia. Back then ... She started blogging as a hobby but slowly travel writing became a full-time job and Alho has visited all of Saudi Arabia's provinces now.
More than 100 new exhibitors are set to make their ATM debut this year, including Visit Finland, Guizhou Province of China, Hungarian Tourism Agency Ltd, Polish Tourist Organisation, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubai Municipality Leisure Facilities Department, Yas Experiences, Indigo Airlines, Kurdistan ...
According to FMI, the area of central Finland, from the westerly province of Ostrobothnia to North Karelia on the eastern border, enjoyed a rare 30cm more snowfall than the March average. And sunshine during the days of March was more frequent than usual, reaching 194 hours in the archipelago island of ...
There are over 800 district heating plants in Finland, literally one for every community, large or small. Increasingly, the fuel of choice in Finland for energy production is woody biomass, because research has shown that burning wood is much better for the environment (carbon) and the Finnish economy ...
Commuting to work from another province has become an increasingly popular trend as workers are more willing to go the distance to remain employed. ... who is used to hitting the road on a daily basis for her 100 kilometer commute from the west coast city to the hub of Tampere in central Finland.


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