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updated Mon. March 18, 2024

The European Corps, or Eurocorps, has existed since 1993 with five European nation contributors, but with the Franco-German Brigade at its heart. It has deployed in Bosnia and Kosovo and to Afghanistan in 2004 and 2006. Haven't heard of it? Neither has the enemy. They tended to stick close to the base ...

For example, the 25-year-old Eurocorps—a type of common military force based in Strasbourg in which ten countries participate—has sparingly been used. Similarly, EU battle groups, small multinational intervention units on standby since 2007, have never been deployed. But perhaps the skeptics ...
Warsaw's surprise decision to pull out from the Eurocorps rapid reaction force apparently reflects the real attitude of the ruling Law and Justice party towards the European Union. One of the country's leading newspapers described the decision as “a step-by-step Polexit.” Miroslaw Orzechowski said that he ...
STRASBOURG, France - Poland will withdraw its contingent from the Eurocorps military group by 2020, a spokesperson for the Strasbourg-based intergovernmental body said Tuesday. "The Polish soldiers will leave as their individual contracts end, within three years at the latest," Colonel Vicente Dalmau ...
Colonel Vicente Dalmau, a spokesman for the Strasbourg-based Eurocorps earlier on Tuesday told the French news agency AFP that the withdrawal of NATO member Poland, which has "associate nation" status in Eurocorps, is a "decision of the Polish government" and had been made "several months ...
LTG Alfredo Ramirez is Commanding General of Eurocorps, an intergovernmental military corps of approximately 1,000 soldiers stationed in Strasbourg, France. The European integration project, which has been built over the last decades, is at risk. In addition to internal difficulties, profound geopolitical ...


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