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updated Tue. May 7, 2024

Following the progress achieved in United Nations-mediated talks last week in Vienna on the “Macedonia” name issue, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and his counterpart from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Nikola Dimitrov, are to take stock before further negotiations after Greek ...
Taipei, April 1 (CNA) The Republic of Macedonia on the Balkan Peninsula has agreed to extend its visa exemption treatment for Taiwan passport holders ... Based on the principles of reciprocity and equality, the foreign ministry is now in talks with Macedonia on offering the same privileges to that country's ...

The dispute has prevented the small Balkan country from joining NATO. Greece argues the term "Macedonia" implies territorial claims on its own province of the same name. A recent change of government in Macedonia has fuelled hopes an agreement can be found, although intensified talks have also met ...
For Macedonia, Peace and Security” (news article, March 21) submits in an online picture caption that renaming Alexander the Great Airport was a concession by Skopje in the dispute with Greece over the name Macedonia. Actually, the new name redresses a violation of the bilateral 1995 Interim Accord ...
The first, he added, is a name with a geographical qualifier which will differentiate “Macedonia” from Greek Macedonia. He said that the second pillar is Greece's acceptance that its neighbors are “Macedonians” who speak the “Macedonian” language. Skopje's goal, he noted, is to reach a solution that will ...

... and representative of thousands of Macedonian-Albanian-American constituents, I'm excited to get these meetings underway and to bring the ideas I hear this weekend back home. I've heard many concerns from the Albanian community in Connecticut about the treatment of their relatives in Macedonia.
environment This year marks the 115th anniversary of the first modern day Macedonian state, heroically established in 1903 in Krusevo. However, Macedonia's future is in serious jeopardy, due to the remarkable shortsightedness of its government, as well as the escalating belligerence of Greece.

As more members of Macedonia's discredited Anti-Corruption Commission resign in an expenses scandal, the big question is whether their ... Three more member of Macedonia's embattled and scandal-hit Anti-Corruption Commission tendered resignations to parliament on Wednesday, amid an unfolding ...
The health minister announced that Macedonia will soon change its restrictive law on abortion, which sparked widespread criticism from rights activists ... The Macedonian health ministry is working to redraw the divisive Law on Abortion and will soon submit its proposals to parliament, recently-appointed ...
But back to the Macedonian church. I was there to say goodbye to a wonderful woman I have written about before. Her name is Blaga and she was being buried on her 91st birthday. She arrived in Australia in 1974 having raised a family in Macedonia, but when she lost her husband she emigrated alone to ...
Similarly, the term Macedonian is used to designate ethnic Greeks or Bulgarians living in their respective parts of geographic Macedonia, and ethnic Macedonians who speak the Macedonian language and consider themselves as separate people from neighboring Greeks, Bulgarians and Serbs.
Inside the church, a voice murmurs Macedonian prayers rapidly. The monks, villagers and ex-drug users gather together on the outskirts of the room. They clasp their hands tightly over prayer benches or make the sign of the cross in quick succession. Outside the church, the remainder of the monastery is ...
People wave Macedonian flags during a protest in a central square in Skopje on March 4. Right-wing and diaspora organizations protested against a possible compromise with Greece on the country's name which they say would damage the national interest. (Robert Atanasovski/AFP/Getty Images).
Macedonian prosecutors have filed charges against 30 people, including a former interior minister and several opposition lawmakers, for their alleged involvement in the storming of parliament by demonstrators nearly a year ago. The public prosecutor's office on March 27 charged ex-minister Mitko Cavkov ...
... the neighboring countries and for appropriating symbols and figures of Antiquity considered by Greeks as part of their history such as the Vergina Sun (symbol of the ancient Macedonian dynasty) and Alexander the Great. The changes introduced to the constitution of the Republic of Macedonia during the ...


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