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updated Sat. June 1, 2024

The Chief Minister of the Northern Province has called on the Indian government to “apply political pressure” on Sri Lanka in order to bring about a political solution to ... He also noted that the 13th amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution has diluted powers that provincial councils were envisaged to have.

During his visit to Sri Lanka, the Special Envoy will call on the President, Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister. The Foreign Affairs Ministry said he is also scheduled to undertake a field visit to the Northern Province, accompanied by Rehabilitation and Resettlement Minister D. M. Swaminathan, where ...
Moreover, Sri Lanka's biggest exports markets are Europe and the US which already demand adherence to strict health and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing activities (IUU) requirements. In 2012 and 2013, Sri Lankan seafood export earnings grew at approximately 20 per cent. However ...
Asia) Colombo, March 2 ( The Provincial Council of Sri Lanka's Tamil majority Northern Province has passed a resolution asking the UN ... The resolution passed on February 27, Sri Lanka's Northern Provincial Council called upon the Members Countries of the UNHCR to refer the Sri Lankan ...
A layman can be utterly confused in examining the complex nature of Sri Lankan legal system as its present form has derived from different routines. ... Discriminatory outlook of both Kandyan Sinhalese laws and Theswalamai law among Tamils in Northern Province were accepted by Colonial rulers in Sri ...
Colombo: Sri Lanka's Northern Province Council has passed a resolution requesting the UN Human Right Council to establish an International Court to ... Sri Lankan troops and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have faced international condemnation for alleged human rights violations during the ...
“Collecting agents often harass them at their doorsteps, pushing many to the brink of suicide,” said Sarojini Pathmanabhan, secretary of the Northern Province Federation of Thrift and Credit Cooperative Societies. Amid growing calls for government intervention to address the problem, Sri Lanka's Central ...
Balaranjan, 33, was born in the north of Sri Lanka in Jaffna, the capital of the country's Northern Province, and lived in fear for the majority of his childhood during the Sri Lankan Civil War. "As a kid growing up I couldn't wrap my head around the realities of war. That had an effect on me because I was ...
The Local Government elections have sent tremors through the body politic of Sri Lanka, and the fall out of the shaken Coalition Government is yet to unfold. With the ... The elections in the Northern Province, on the other hand, point to possible changes in Tamil politics in the years ahead. This article ...


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