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updated Wed. March 27, 2024

Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Prakash Shah of Province 7 today ruled out the possibility of shifting its capital from Dhangadi to Doti or Dipayal. Speaking at a programme held in Doti, Minister Shah said that it will be really hard to shift the capital to Doti even though it was much a better place in terms of ...

Thus, Dr Singh and his colleagues Dr Bibash Parajuli and Dr Raj Kumar Bishwokarma had gone to Dhangadhi, citing hostile work environment in Doti. Doctors working at the government hospital left the district after Nepal Doctors' Association and Association of Government Doctors jointly issued a ...
Jim Doti, Chapman University's venerable economist, says the huge revisions are “inexcusable” and that he's lost all confidence in the state's monthly reports. As a result, he will dramatically curtail his use of the data in his own economic forecasts. Sadly, in today's what-have-you-done-for-me age, it's often ...
It is obvious that Doti's comment was racist. There's no way around it. You cannot use the word ghetto without starting a discussion about racism. Chapman has always been a mostly white school with large conservative donors, which was reflected in Doti's approach to being president. To me, his comment ...
Mar 3, 2018-Doti District Hospital is shut for the last 13 as its health workers are on a strike to protest the attack on Dr Jitendra Singh by a patient's relatives. All doctors at the hospital, including the medical superintendent, have left the district after they were recalled by Nepal Medical Association (NMA). The agitating doctors ...
Some Chapman University students take on the Doti-Struppa Rock Wall to test their physical abilities, while others see it as a social setting. For Cristina Martinez '19, the wall has offered a chance to scale a number of challenges. Martinez says that the wall helped her cope with homesickness during her ...
... families of the deceased are compelled to transport the body to Dadeldhura district for service. This has also affected the police work. “We have been unable to make progress in some cases due to lack of post-mortem report,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police Shiva Bahadur Singh of Doti police office.
DHANGADI: The physicians working at the District Hospital, Doti have left the district on Wednesday citing security reasons after Dr Jitendra Shahi was manhandled at hospital premises. Dr Shahi was beaten by a female patient's kin on Sunday, accusing him of misbehaving with the woman while ...
DHANGADHI: The patients in Doti have been deprived of treatment since doctors abandoned the District Hospital on February 21, citing security reasons. The patients are compelled to visit health institutions in other districts, which proves expensive. Meanwhile, the health assistants, auxiliary health ...


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