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updated Wed. January 10, 2024

China, however, did not share with India any data on Brahmaputra and Sutlej rivers during the stipulated period in 2017. Beijing's reluctance to share river data with New Delhi added yet another irritant to the strained bilateral relations, which reached its lowest ebb during the 72-day-long face-off between ...

Ganga and Indus, the two rivers that are not only of ecological importance to India, but also hold historical significance, are now listed as two of the world's most endangered rivers. Ganga has long been relied upon ... Indus is threatened by six proposed dams along with pollutants that are choking the river.
According to a study conducted by the Centre for Water Resources Development and Management Kozhikode, Mampuzha River is severely polluted by plastic waste, slaughter waste and waste dumped from households. The flow of the river also is affected owing to the accumulation of silt and plastic in the ...
And the Ganges, or the Ganga Mata (Mother Ganges) as it's called by India's devout, is in bad shape. Untreated sewage flows directly into the river where people cook, bathe, and perform burial rites for the recently-deceased. Factories and farms from industries as varied as leather tanning to shipbuilding ...
... India in 2019, offering cruise tours that visit the country's Golden Triangle and sail on the Ganges River, as well as new active European itineraries and shore excursion options. In Europe, Avalon will add the Rhone to its list of Active Discovery cruises, which already include the Rhine and Danube rivers.
Several studies have pointed that at least 54 percent of the Indian agricultural land has become severely water-stressed with many rivers rapidly drying up. In 15 years, India would have only half the water needed for survival and could be facing an acute water crisis if no preventive measures are taken, ...
In addition, riverbanks, wetlands, and floodplains have been claimed over time by infrastructure, slums, offices, and housing developments - all of which has narrowed natural river channels and distorted flow, greatly reducing the ability of India's rivers to buffer flooding. It also has taken a toll on biodiversity.
India's Ganges river is the main source of water for half a billion people. It's also holy to the country's almost 1 billion Hindus, who bathe in the river to be cleansed of their sins. But the river's cleansing abilities are limited by the fact that the Ganges is one of the world's most polluted waterways: A billion ...
Cauvery, one of India's most exploited rivers, energizes the delta region covering an area of 81,155 square kilometers. It is also one of India's most fertile landmasses that is larger than the size of Republic of Ireland. It has been at the center of a political and legal dispute that goes back over 100 years.


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