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updated Sat. July 30, 2022

The trial started earlier this week in Bogota, Columbia, where the so-called Supreme Court in Exile resides, and is likely to only have a symbolic meaning since neither the Supreme Court nor the Venezuelan Congress have any enforcement authority. Congress is accusing Maduro of soliciting bribes from ...

Socialist President Maduro faces intense opposition from the Venezuelan Congress, which has called the Petro unconstitutional and claims it is an illegal attempt to leverage the country's oil reserves in an effort to raise $6 billion for the cash-strapped government. The pre-sale, which began on February 20, ...
The Venezuelan Congress has already declared that the currency is illegal and unconstitutional, and the country's National Assembly has also recently denounced cryptocurrency as a fraud and a threat to potential investors. On the other hand, the Chinese agency Dagong said it is legitimate. US President ...
Jose Antonio Abreu was the founder of Venezuela's internationally acclaimed music education programme, El Sistema – a national programme offering hundreds of thousands of children education in music and allowing them the chance to play in orchestras. In 2015, The Independent described it as ...
Venezuela's opposition-controlled congress on Saturday rejected the self-proclaimed law-making authority of a new legislative superbody elected last month at the behest of President Nicolas Maduro. Congress's declaration of resistance followed statements from a group of 12 regional nations plus the ...
It seems everyday Venezuela is making headlines in regards to the country's government crisis. RELATED: Crisis-Ridden Venezuelans Seek Asylum In Brazil. According to the Associated Press, a government backed assembly made up of 545 members is planning to take over congress. Members of this ...


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