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updated Sun. January 14, 2024

The Colombian armed conflict, in which multiple illegal armed groups participated, left more than 260,000 Colombians dead, 80,0000 missing and more than 7 million displaced. The administration of President Juan Manuel Santos agreed to peace with the FARC in December 2016 and has been engaged ...

Around 1,200 former members of Colombia's FARC rebel group did not demobilize under a peace deal and instead joined dissident factions still fighting the ... FARC dissidents have joined crime gangs and the National Liberation Army (ELN) rebels on the list of the country's top security threats since ...
Colombia's former FARC guerrilla group is making its electoral debut as a recognized political party in congressional elections on Sunday. The FARC became a political party in December 2016, after signing a peace deal with the Colombian government that ended 52 years of bloody civil conflict in which ...
For the first time ever, former FARC rebel fighters are running for Congress. FARC fought the Colombian government for more than over 50 years before signing a peace deal with the government in 2016. They gave up their weapons and turned into a political party, but their arrival in politics has proven far ...
27, 2018 file photo, presidential candidate Rodrigo Londono, a former rebel leader known as Timochenko, concludes his speech at a campaign inauguration to present congressional candidates for the political party formed by the former guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, ...
The attack resulted in the deaths of 10 guerilla fighters, including Cachaco, the leader of the ELN in Antioquia's lower Cauca region. Three more ELN members were wounded during the operation, according to authorities, and were receiving medical attention and are currently under state custody.
BOGOTA: The leader of Colombia's FARC political party, former Marxist rebel commander Rodrigo Londono, will undergo heart surgery, the group said in a statement on Friday. Londono is a presidential candidate for the party, the unarmed reincarnation of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ...
PEACE TALKS. In this file photo taken on March 09, 2018 is seen a symbolic round table placed at Bolivar square in Bogota, during a demonstration asking for the reactivation of the peace talks, between the Colombian government and the ELN guerrilla, which were suspended after a string of deadly ...


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