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updated Sun. January 28, 2024

Colombia's largest soft drink company, Postobon, was already in trouble for allegedly sponsoring death squads. Now it is accused of using children who are vulnerable to malnutrition for the testing of new drinks. The accusation that Postobon used 200 children in the impoverished La Guajira province for ...

Production and exports at Cerrejon fell for a third straight year in 2017, when it mined 31.7 million tonnes of coal, as heavy rainfall affected operations, the owners said this month. The last strike at Cerrejon, which produces coal at its open pit mine in northern La Guajira province, was in February 2013 and ...
The Wayuu populated the northeastern La Guajira province long before the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the 16th century. The arid desert climes kiss the crystal Caribbean waters in the north of the province, flanked to the east by the porous Venezuelan border. Along the coast to the west, there is more ...
A FARC guerrilla fighter studies on a tablet at their encampment at the Transitional Standardization Zone in Pondores, La Guajira department, Colombia. Photo: Getty. The exodus has been confirmed by the head of the UN's Colombia Reincorporation Mission. Only 45 per cent of demobilised Farc members ...
Before I even get out of the taxi at the Terminal de Transporte in Santa Marta, people are already shouting at me. “Barranquilla!” “Cartagena!” “Maicao!” I follow the “Maicao” guy and hop onto a bus that's about to leave. $20,000 pesos seems like a fair price for the 150-kilometer trip to Los Flamencos Fauna ...
Nine people have been injured in clashes between police and residents of Colombia's northern La Guajira province demanding more government support for the impoverished region. La Guajira is currently suffering from a drought and locals say the authorities have not done enough to mitigate its effects ...


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