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updated Sun. October 15, 2023

Minister Celso Amorim of Brazil has had a significant impact on the state of global negotiations in his professional lifetime, including on global intellectual property rights.
The former Turkish prime minister said he and then-foreign minister of Brazil Celso Amorim had negotiated with Tehran for 17 hours without a break in May 2010.

One was from Minister Celso Amorim, which was the diplomacy of the Brazilian state, and the other one was done by Marco Aurelio Garcia, which assisted the presidency and made contact with political parties overseas.
A considerable portion of the book focuses upon Brazil, which is home to the largest Arab community in South America. Celso Amorim's description of Brazil's influence in the international arena portrays a country that garnered favour among Arab ...
At UNITAID I am passing the baton to Celso Amorim, the former minister of foreign affairs of Brazil on the 23rd day of June.
Investor money was pouring into one of the world's most exciting emerging markets, and Foreign Minister Celso Amorim - who would go on to be called the "world's best foreign minister" by Foreign Policy - was beginning to expand Brazil's economic and ...

'het beleid van de regering van interim-president Michel Temer betekent "een ruk naar rechts".' Volgens voormalig buitenlandminister Celso Amorim (2003-2010) betekent het beleid van de regering van interim-president Michel Temer 'een ruk naar rechts'.
In any case, Celso Amorim, a former Brazilian diplomat and defence chief, raised the stakes: it was time to reduce military dependence on Israel.
Impeachment is bringing about not just a change of personnel but a change of political philosophy that Brazilians did not vote for.
After a US-orchestrated coup against democratically elected Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in February 2004, Bill and Hillary Clinton arranged with Lula's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Celso Amorim, to occupy Haiti with Brazilian troops, using ...
Pandora tv pubblica, in esclusiva italiana, la serie di brevi documentari di Alexander Chopov sulla guerra del Donbass, la guerra nascosta dall'Occidente. Il primo episodio ripercorre le tappe che portarono al colpo di stato di piazza Maidan, salutato ...
"Dayan is a leader of a policy condemned by the United Nations, and as such, it would go against Brazil's interests and world peace to allow him to became an ambassador here," Brazil's Defense Minister Celso Amorim told U.S. National Public Radio in ...
"Dayan is a leader of a policy condemned by the United Nations, and as such, it would go against Brazil's interests and world peace to allow him to became an ambassador here," Brazil's Defense Minister Celso Amorim told U.S. National Public Radio in ...
One such ally is Celso Amorim, who Lula would like to see at the Foreign Ministry. It is also possible that Aloizio Mercadante may be replaced at the Ministry of Education.
In this week's Headliner, we speak to Celso Amorim, Brazil's former foreign minister and a member of the UN Secretary General's High-level Panel on the Global Response to the Health Crises.
"It is Haitians to decide the future of Haiti," says Celso Amorim, the head of the Election Observation Mission (MOE) of the OAS.
The six-member panel was composed of Celso Amorim (Brazil), Micheline Calmy (Switzerland), Marty Natalegawa (Indonesia), Joy Phumapi (Botswana) and Rajav Shah (USA).

But Celso Amorim, the Brazilian diplomat leading the Organization of American States' observer mission -- appealed for compromise from both sides.
The recent visit of leftist Brazilian congressman Jean Wyllys to attend an academic conference at Hebrew University in Jerusalem caused a mini-storm of controversy in Brazil, with many pro-Palestinian activists accusing Wyllys of supporting Israeli ...
Last month, Celso Amorim, who served as minister of foreign affairs during President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's eight years in government and as Rousseff's defense minister for two and a half years, bemoaned how the lack of funding is "eroding" the ...
bennettdayanpnn Imemc. La riluttanza del Brasile ad accettare l'ambasciatore israeliano in quanto colono israeliano in Cisgiordania ha innescato una crisi diplomatica e ha scatenato preoccupazioni nel governo israeliano sul fatto che tale conflitto ...
Celso Amorim, a former Brazilian foreign and defence minister, said it was "time the Brazilian armed forces reduced their dependence on Israel".
It was this wisdom of Prebisch that Brazil (under President Lula and his foreign and trade minister, Celso Amorim) remembered and understood in 2003, on the eve of the WTO's Cancun MC.
Last week, Brazil's former foreign and defence minister Celso Amorim told Brazilian daily Folha that the appointment of Mr Dayan is "not possible", according to current Brazilian policy.
... caused by the Brazilian government's decision to postpone indefinitely the approval of the new Israeli Ambassador in the country, Dani Dayan, shows that "it's time the Brazilian Armed Forces reduced its dependence on Israel," says Celso Amorim ...
This alliance, and need to maintain it, prevailed in Brasilia and its Itamarty (Brazilian foreign office), during the tenure there of Foreign Minister Celso Amorim and his successor, Antonio Patriota. However, on the eve of Nairobi, Brazil unilaterally ...


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