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 North Carolina State Senate

The North Carolina Senate is one of the two houses of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Its prerogatives and powers are similar to those of the other house, the House of Representatives. Its members do, however, represent districts that are larger than those of their colleagues in the House. The President of the Senate is the Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina, but the Lt. Governor has very limited powers and only votes to break a tie. Before the office of Lt. Governor was created in 1868, the Senate was presided over by a "Speaker." After the 1988 election of James Carson Gardner, the first Republican Lt. Governor since Reconstruction, Democrats in control of the Senate shifted most of the power held by the Lt. Governor to the senator who is elected President Pro Tempore (or Pro-Tem). The President Pro Tempore appoints members to standing committees of the Senate, and holds great sway over bills.

According to the state constitution, the Senate is also the "Court for the Trial of Impeachments". The House of Representatives has the power to impeach state officials, after which the Senate holds a trial, as in the federal system. If the Governor or Lt. Governor is the official who has been impeached, the Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court presides. logo
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updated Fri. September 22, 2023

Other primary races include the North Carolina Senate District 47 Democrat candidates Christopher H. Rumfelt, Cheryl D. Swofford or David Wheeler, and Republican candidates for U.S. House of Representatives District 10, Jeff Gregory, Patrick McHenry, Ira Roberts, Albert Lee Wiley Jr., Seth Blankenship ...

... and 35 percent say they would vote Republican if the election was today with 21 percent undecided. Finally, 40 percent of the same respondents say they would vote Democratic in their local race for North Carolina Senate compared to 37 percent who say they would vote Republican and 19 percent who ...
"It's going to take 26 votes to get anything done in the North Carolina Senate. Then you've got to get (a majority) in the North Carolina House and a governor willing to sign it.” Records show Ford voted against the Senate majority 22 percent of the time this session. That's more than several Democrats ...
Bradley ran for the North Carolina Senate in 2012, losing the Republican Primary on May 8, 2012 to Senator Chad Barefoot and second-place finisher Michael Shriver. ... For the North Carolina Senate, Senator Rick Horner is seeking reelection and as of 2 p.m. Tuesday was also running unopposed.
Apodaca retired from the North Carolina Senate in 2016. Apodaca is one of the more well-known alums of Western Carolina University. Having graduated with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Economics. “I never went in the science building,” Apodaca told the crowd, provoking laughter.
“I am honored to announce my candidacy for the North Carolina Senate,” Phelps states in the release. “Too often, North Carolinians east of I-95 are forgotten. Northeastern North Carolina deserves a representative who is familiar with the needs of our community and will fight for them.” Phelps' candidacy is ...
The North Carolina Senate voted 25-23 to postpone a suffrage vote until the next session. But the Tennessee legislature made the issue moot by becoming the decisive state to ratify the 19th amendment, making women across the country eligible to vote in the November 1920 elections. The suffrage fight is ...
By default at the state level, Brandon Anderson will represent the democrats for North Carolina State Senate against whichever candidate wins the republican primary, while Ray Russell is the democrats' default candidate in the race for North Carolina House of Representatives. Last but not least, Steve ...
“As Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina and President of the North Carolina Senate, I write to encourage you to approve North Carolina's request to replace Governor Aycock's statue with one of Rev. Graham,” Forest wrote. North Carolina took care of the first step in 2015, when it passed legislation that ...
A member of the UNC System Board of Governors is looking to make a return to the North Carolina Senate. Bob Rucho filed for election to Senate District 34 on Tuesday. A UNC System spokesperson confirmed that Rucho was still a member of the Board of Governors as of Tuesday afternoon. Rucho asked ...


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