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updated Thu. November 24, 2022

OH veterans concerned over possible privatization of the VA ... According to Shulkin, he was fired for standing in the way of political forces within the Trump Administration that want to privatize the VA. Trump announced ... United States Senator for Ohio Sherrod Brown met with veterans in Columbus, Friday.
The reason was soon clear when Forest Holidays' chief executive, Bruce McKendrick, justified the high price on the grounds that “the [forestry] commission has a million hectares of forest, so we've got plenty to keep us going for many years to come”. That is equity-speak for “we struck a goldmine”.

Veterans organizations, including Disabled American Veterans (DAV), American Veterans (AMVETS), The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, all oppose White House calls to increasingly allow veterans to seek private care. They argue it would hurt the VA to spend resources to provide health ...
On Tuesday, Delaware's legislature approved a plan to privatize the Port of Wilmington and lease it to UAE-based ports firm Gulftainer. ... the Port Canaveral lease agreement did not undergo a review by the Treasury Department's powerful Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS).
Prince and DeVos, like Trump, use their wealth to exert political influence and advance ideological visions that are harmful to U.S. democracy and ... According to Prince, the United States' current military involvement in Afghanistan is too costly and inefficient due to the burdensome need to adhere to rule of ...

With some seeking to further privatize veterans' health care, and hundreds of billions of dollars at stake, sacrifices are going to have to be made. Let's hope Ronny Jackson, Donald Trump's nominee to be the new Veterans Affairs secretary, can ensure few of those fall on the veterans themselves. Former VA ...
Iran's largest privatization attempt in the current fiscal year (started March 21, 2017) kicked off on March 12 with less than a percent of the offered assets finding buyers. ... To continue reading this article log in to your account, or join us now and get a free trial which includes access to this specific story.

The Department of Defense (DOD) has regularly assessed the financial condition of its privatized housing projects; however, it has not used consistent measures or consistently assessed future sustainment (that is, the ability to maintain the housing in good condition), or issued required reports to Congress ...
“Privatization is a very real issue right now,” Verna Jones, executive director for the American Legion, told reporters at the National Press Club Friday morning. ... “VA Secretary Shulkin has promised to resist efforts to privatize his department, and we fully support him in trying to stop the well-funded lobbying ...
In June, Trump unveiled a plan to privatize air traffic control in what he said would modernize the system and lower flying costs. Democrats ... United Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines Inc, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines Co, all represented by the Airlines for America lobbying group, backed the plan.
That blurring has increasingly involved U.S. foreign policy. The possible effects on U.S. foreign relations may be subtle and largely out of public view, but they arise every time, for example, foreign governments wanting something from the United States bring their business to the hotel that Trump's company ...
As prison populations have increased, it's been a challenge for these officials to find the funding to house and provide services for those in detention, leading many to privatize these functions. By relying on two major companies – GEO Group and CoreCivic* (formerly the Corrections Corporation of America) ...


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