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McCain's Economic Plan For Nation
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updated Mon. April 22, 2024

During a private dinner with Republican donors the president — possibly joking — suggested that the US should consider allowing a president to serve for life. ... During a joke-filled speech to the Gridiron Club, a charitable journalistic organization, at its annual dinner, Trump made reference to "Sleepy Joe" Biden, who may ...

Without us, he would amount to nothing more than what he had always been before the bizarro presidential election of 2016: a foppish narcissist desperate for any measure of affirmation; a joke; a nothing. He did not create his voters. They have been there all along, seething with sometimes justifiable ...
... the values he has defended all his life," Cindy McCain said, according to the text of her remarks that was provided by McCain's Senate office. “In fact, it occurred to me this weekend that John has been coming to Munich for longer than we have been married. There is a joke in that, but I'm not going there.".
Meghan McCain Apologizes to Mike Pence for Joy Behar's Hearing Jesus 'Mental Illness' Joke ... "I've had a very hard time the last two days with this," an exasperated McCain, who is the daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain, said Thursday, "My in-laws are evangelical, my entire family are devoutly ...
John McCain has provided a surprising excuse for his strange line of questioning during Thursday's Senate hearing with James Comey - saying that he was tired from staying up late the previous night to watch sport. Mr McCain, the 80-year-old grandee of the Republican Party, struck an unusual tone in the ...


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