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updated Mon. July 11, 2022

For instance, after 9/11 the US government suspended habeas corpus in its “War on Terror.” On 13 November, 2001, through Presidential Military Order, the government maintained the power to detain non-citizens suspected of connection to terrorists or terrorism and classify them as “enemy combatants.

Following the September 11 attacks in 2001, President George W. Bush justified several military actions on the ground that the United States was now in an armed conflict with Al Qaeda. During the twelve years since, many legal experts and opponents of US actions have argued that aspects of the US ...
Looking back over the past decade, Davis said, there has been a "presidential military order, two acts of Congress, a DoD directive signed by the Secretary of .... Khadr was a teenager when he was captured in Afghanistan in July 2002 and charged with killing a US medic after he tossed a grenade at him.


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