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updated Wed. July 3, 2024

In a recent report, called Design and Acquisition of Software for Defense Systems, the Defense Science Board (DSB) has raised its influential voice on behalf of a move by the Department of Defense towards greater use of agile development approaches for software being developed for weapons systems.

Specifically, DoD officials should abandon buying practices that date back as far as the 1970s and institute an iterative, agile approach to acquiring software, a new Defense Science Board report said. Doing so means changing the culture at the Pentagon, where systemic problems in culture and internal ...
Lord said Boleng will spend 90 percent of his time on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the Pentagon's largest acquisition program. She has previously said that agile software development is a critical weakness for DOD. The Defense Science Board recently released a report urging DOD to “immediately” adopt ...
Defense Science Board: Software has become one of the most important components of our nation's weapons systems, and it continues to grow in importance. WASHINGTON — Some of the costliest failures in military procurement have been blamed on software. Pentagon officials over the years have ...
A new Defense Science Board report, the revival of an ISR integration council, some defense business news and more highlight this Wednesday INSIDER Daily Digest. A new Defense Science Board report is out: DSB urges DOD to shift to agile software development 'immediately'. The Pentagon should ...
The announcement of the new software-focused role comes just days after a report from the Defense Science Board underscored the importance of software and IT acquisition in the military. The report, released April 10, outlined seven recommendations to improve software acquisition for defense systems.
Stenbit added that he would suggest to DoD that the Defense Science Board, which includes 45 private sector and academic experts that give the Pentagon advice and recommendations. DoD also created a Defense Innovation Board, which includes private sector experts such as Dr. Neal DeGrassse ...
The problems with DoD software acquisitions were laid out in a recent Defense Science Board report. A panel of advisers called out the Pentagon and its contractors for using outdated software development methods that the commercial industry abandoned decades ago. The industry has moved to ...


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