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updated Mon. December 18, 2023

This labor manifestation represented a clear break with the past subservience of African American working class people and the white ruling class in the South. These 1,300 ... As working people we are funding a war machine which has hundreds of bases and other fields of endeavor throughout the world.

The store is operated by the Alabama Historical Commission, and all profits help continue efforts to preserve Alabama's historic places. ... AHC works to accomplish its mission through two fields of endeavor: Preservation and promotion of state-owned historic sites as public attractions; and, statewide ...
Operating in this space allows me to create innovative methods of attracting new talent to SSM Health and it also ensures that prospective talent has the ... and most importantly, I was exposed to African-American leaders who were thriving in every field of endeavor, and it motivated me to reach for the stars.
Reflecting on the just-ended Mining Indaba conference in Cape Town, South Africa, Mr Din said investments of over $3 billion on expansions and upgrades has set KCM in a strong position to step-up ... Mr Din said KCM would endeavor to keep its operations efficient and at the right level in the cost curve.
As the war in Europe drew to a close, the U.S. launched Operation Paperclip, which brought more than 1,600 German scientists and technicians to ... Throughout the entire endeavor, the Soviet Union was also continuing to develop their space program, which owed much to the efforts of Sergei Korolev.
A year ago, small American advisory elements here in Northern Iraq were operating at battle tempo as they mentored and assisted Iraqi units in a pitched fight ... But for some, victory brings its own unease: As the Marines endeavor to work themselves out of a job in Iraq, what lies beyond the current mission ...
The airlines would continue to advance its global cargo service so as to support the national endeavor to produce and supply market oriented horticultural products, ... Ethiopian commands the lion's share of the pan-African passenger and cargo network operating cargo destinations across five continents.
When I asked Verald Keith Rowe, the Dow coordinator of the project, if he had any concerns about African-Americans being the bulk of the test population (of the first 56 inmates to be exposed to dioxin, 47 were black), he replied, “I don't have too much of a problem with Kligman's operation in that regard.


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