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updated Tue. November 28, 2023

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL — A Quad-Citian has achieved a rank that few reach in federal service. Matt Sannito, a Moline native raised in Coal Valley who attended Orion High School, was promoted into the Senior Executive Service during an April 5 ceremony at the Arsenal. It was only last month that the ...
In 1942 the Rock Island Arsenal celebrated its 80th anniversary. The first commandant at the Arsenal on Rock Island was Maj. C.P. Kingsbury, who arrived in 1863 following creation of the arsenal July 11, 1862 by an act of Congress. In 1863 the first building, the Rock Island District United States Engineers ...

1943—75 years ago: The former Quad-Cities Tank arsenal, Bettendorf, will recondition completely a considerable number of General Grant medium tanks through an agreement with Rock Island Arsenal thereby allowing about 200 former tank plant employees to return to work there. 1968—50 years ago: ...
This photograph of an old painting of Fort Armstrong is assumed to be created by Octave Blair, an early captain in the Corps of Engineers. The painting, which depicts what currently serves as the Rock Island Arsenal, was painted from the Illinois side of the Quad Cities. Marlene Gantt. prev.
The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) and the U.S. Army's Rock Island Arsenal have announced a collaboration to improve the nation's largest government-owned weapons manufacturer, with the aim of getting equipment to U.S. warfighters more quickly. “The Rock Island ...

The Rock Island Arsenal held a ceremony this afternoon. The veterans were presented with pins honoring their sacrifice. Servicemen say ceremonies like these are a simple way to show that one cares about the sacrifice they've made for the nation. "I think military service is about taking care of each other, ...
ROCK ISLAND -- The Rock Island Arsenal is working with the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute in Chicago to help get equipment to the U.S. military more quickly. "The Rock Island Arsenal is a vital military asset that has supported America's national security needs as well as the ...

Local business representatives and dignitaries were on hand for the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute's announcement of a new chapter in the Quad-Cities in 2015. The hub has implemented technology upgrades that will help the Arsenal bid for work. Kevin E. Schmidt, QUAD-CITY ...
ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL – Maj. Francisco D. Amaya of the U.S. Marine Corps is the liaison officer and program manager for ammunition within the Joint Munitions Command. A native of Fort Worth, Texas, he joined the Marine Corps in 1997. He has been stationed in Texas, California and North Carolina.
But for some reason the 20-year Navy veteran prefers to live in Rock Island, where he lived once already for three years. That was back in 2007-2010, when he was stationed as the Navy's liason at the Joint Missions Command at the Rock Island Arsenal. “I loved the area, specifically Rock Island,” Mr. Sikes ...
ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL -. Inside the Arsenal's Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center, peace time projects keep about 1,100 civilians on the job. The Arsenal nearly closed for good in 2005. That's when a last-minute phone call from then-Rep. Dennis Hastert saved it. Over the last decade, it's been ...
... or whether it dealt with the gaps the GAO study identified, but Durbin called it a significant development for the installation. "What it means is the men and women at the Rock Island Arsenal will have a chance to prove themselves, and we're confident they're going to win more than their fair share," he said.
The Quad-City Riverfront Council on Tuesday learned 71 new residences are being built in the Rock Island Arsenal Housing Development and ... Kinyata Evans, senior master planner at the Rock Island Arsenal, noted 50 of them will replace residences that have been demolished, so there really are only ...


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