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updated Fri. October 27, 2023

In May, following various media reports about moderation failures on a range of .... But again, without being in an intelligence service, I don't think it's ... with an official criminal investigation is required to compel the disclosure ...

Joshua Rovner, a scholar of intelligence at American University, makes ... use his position to discourage it from pursuing the investigation at all. ... While Soviet active measures in the Cold War were mostly dismal failures, this ...
... Descriptors” created in response to intelligence failures in Iraq. ... as detailed in an investigation by longtime Intercept contributor Nick Turse.
He is also under investigation for lying to the FBI. ... is subject to Mueller's probe as part of his work for the Flynn Intelligence Group, which ... but while it does not explain or excuse failures to disclose under the law, Flynn had ...
Ever since the embarrassing failure of health care repeal, Trump and ... and the Senate Intelligence Committee has been investigating the ...
On Tuesday, two Spanish police trade unions denounced those cooperation failures, both before the attacks and during the investigation ...
One inquiry, launched last week, will look at the short-term circumstances that led to MI5's failure to identify 22-year-old Salman Abedi, while ...
Capping a week of incompetence, failures, and general shady ... server process," says Alex McGeorge, the head of threat intelligence at the security ... matter, I can confirm that FTC staff is investigating the Equifax data breach.


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