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Accused by the government in Malabo of being the instigator of the alleged coup. Denies involvement.

Moto is president of the self-proclaimed Equatorial Guinean government-in-exile based in Spain, the former colonial power.

Media reports say he was flown to neighbouring Mali on the eve of the planned coup, in preparation for his unveiling as Equatorial Guinea's new leader. logo
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updated Sun. June 26, 2022

Severo Moto, musuh politik yang diasingkannya, adalah orang pertama yang mempopulerkan desas-desus tentang kanibalisme Mbasogo. Pada sebuah acara radio Spanyol pada 2004, Moto mengatakan bahwa Mbagoso percaya bahwa dia mendapatkan kekuatan dari memakan musuh-musuhnya.

With reported backing from wealthy British citizens, including Mark Thatcher, they attempted to overthrow the government and install Severo Moto Nsa, a prominent exiled politician, as president in exchange for lucrative oil concessions. Later dubbed the "Wonga coup," the effort failed spectacularly when ...
The 65-year-old mercenary also accused others of being involved in the new plot, including anti-corruption NGO Transparency International lawyer William Bourdon, exiled Equatorial Guinean opposition leader Severo Moto and Lebanese oil magnate Ely Calil. "I explained to the president [Teodoro] it ...
He said that the other people plotting to overthrow the president were Ely Calil, a Lebanese businessman; Severo Moto Nsa, Equatorial Guinea's opposition leader; and William Bourdon, the lawyer for Transparency International, the anti-corruption group. “I concluded a pact with President Obiang.
In 2004, in an affair known as the Wonga coup, Mann and 69 mercenaries attempted to replace Equatorial Guinea's dictator, Teodoro Obiang, with an exiled opposition politician, Severo Moto. A series of stories in the Observer told how details of the plot had been revealed to the British government, and ...
The former Spanish colony is run by Africa's longest-serving president, the father of the defendant, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. Exiled opposition leaders were among those present at the Paris trial, including the president of the Progress Party, Severo Moto, who lives in Madrid. He claimed before ...
The Mail Online report's main source is Severo Moto, who it describes as a rival. It does not tell the reader that Moto is accused of breaking international law in supporting and fomenting a failed coup in 2004, organised by British financiers and involving Sir Mark Thatcher, the son of former prime minister ...
“He had two secretaries outside his doors, and they would always cringe. I would see them almost hiding under the desk.” Severo Moto, the Equatorial Guinean opposition leader who established a government in exile in Spain, told FP in a phone call that many opposition groups running against Obiang in ...
Speaking to The Daily Telegraph at his home in Toledo, Severo Moto Nsa admitted hiring the British mercenary Simon Mann but denied any knowledge about Sir Mark Thatcher's alleged involvement. Mr Moto accused Western countries of collaborating with Equatorial Guinea's repressive regime in return ...


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