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updated Thu. May 23, 2024

Sisi, who as army chief ousted Egypt's first freely elected president Islamist Mohamed Morsi after mass street protests in 2013, won his first term in 2014 ... Moussa, a little-known politician who is himself a supporter of the president, registered immediately before the close date for applications, saving the ...
Egyptian election authorities started counting ballots after polls closed Wednesday in a lackluster vote virtually guaranteed to hand President Abdel-Fattah ... El-Sissi's only opponent is Moussa Mustafa Moussa, a little-known politician who supports the president and made no effort to campaign against him.

CAIRO (AP) — Egyptians are voting for a second day in a lackluster election that President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi is virtually certain to win after all serious ... but divisive Islamist predecessor, Mohammed Morsi, and an obscure politician who registered at the last minute and says he doesn't oppose el-Sissi's ...
El-Sissi's only challenger is a little-known politician who joined the race at the last minute to spare the government the embarrassment of a one-candidate ... El-Sissi led the 2013 military overthrow of Egypt's first freely elected president, the Islamist Mohammed Morsi, and the government has waged a ...
CAIRO — Days before Egypt's presidential election, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's beaming visage adorns billboards across Egypt. His rivals are in jail, the news media is in his pocket and his sole challenger — a politician so obscure many Egyptians would struggle to name him — hasn't bothered to ...
In the case of no run-offs, the winner of the elections will be announced on 2 April, 2018. In the last presidential elections in 2014, El-Sisi won in a landslide after he secured 96 percent of the vote over his sole competitor, leftist politician and leader of the Egyptian Popular Current, Hamdeen Sabahi.

CAIRO – 22 March 2018: A set of renowned Egyptian celebrities and politicians starred in a promotional video to encourage citizens into taking part in the ... ”Four years ago, we all headed to the presidential election ballots, we all gave our votes to President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi for the presidency of Egypt,” ...
... headquarters, in downtown Cairo, Egypt, Wednesday, March 21, 2018. President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, the general-turned-president, will stand for re-election next week against Moussa, a little-known politician who has made no effort to challenge him. Arabic reads, "Moussa for Egyptian President 2018".
The Egyptians also asked Hamas to relinquish the speakership of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) to an internationally accepted figure without specifying what Hamas would gain in return. They suggested three PLC members for the position: Salam Fayyad, Hanan Ashrawi and Mustafa Barghouti.
Inside, however, there are floor-to-ceiling posters of the architect and longtime politician. Mousa tells the Guardian he is cautiously optimistic about his chances of beating Sisi, despite entering the race after every credible candidate was removed. “We entered with the aim of winning. How we win, it I don't ...

Moussa's candidacy and credibility has consequently been questioned, with critics saying he was compelled to run for presidency to lend the election a semblance of democratic competitiveness. Indeed, many opposition politicians have called upon Egyptians to boycott the elections that they describe as a ...
Almost a decade ago, I was involved, among others, in organizing a large political conference in Egypt, in which my former party hosted a few hundred well-known liberal politicians hailing from all continents. At the time, I naively assumed that the Egyptian media would be greatly interested in reporting on ...
Egyptian-Americans will call on US politicians to pressure the Egyptian government to address human rights concerns. ... The two-day training, dubbed Egypt Advocacy Day, will bring about 60 delegates from 30 different states to the US capital on Monday and Tuesday, said Mohamed Soltan, one of the ...
However, she failed to achieve her goal as she was excluded from Egypt's High Electoral Commission. Born in Cairo in 1970, El-Prince went on to complete her PhD in English Literature in 2004, studying at Ain Shams University's Faculty of Arts. After obtaining her PhD, she then worked as a professor at ...
However, Egypt's 2018 presidential election process and the part played by the state in mobilizing citizens to vote have contributed significantly to the ... Many politicians, myself included, supported the idea of participating in the election by nominating an opposition candidate, regardless of the fact that ...
Egypt's disappearing voices of dissent ... Of the tens of thousands of Egyptians jailed since President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi took power from elected President Mohamed Morsi in 2013, Aboul Fotouh is among ... The opposition, whether it's politicians or journalists - all need to breathe, to have some fresh air.
Egyptians began voting Monday in an election that President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is virtually guaranteed to win — one that resembles the referendums held by Arab ... His only challenger is Moussa Mustafa Moussa, a little-known politician who joined the race at the last minute to spare the government the ...
Thus, a readymade file is created that can easily be pulled out should any politician display the desire, or ambition, to play a role greater than the one assigned to him. The so-called scarcity of political leaders in Egypt is not due to the incompetence of society; it is the result of a well-designed scheme that ...


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