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updated Sat. May 11, 2024

To set up cohorts of people who were HIV-negative but at high risk of acquiring the virus, Kreiss reached out to two colleagues, Dr. Kishorchandra Mandaliya, a provincial pathologist for Kenya's Coast Province, and Dr. Jeckoniah Ndinya-Achola at the University of Nairobi. One cohort, a group of male truck ...

The late Jomo Kenyatta and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga dominated the Kenyan political space even before independence. ... The west of the country near Lake Victoria, the Luo heartland and the Coast Province under the joint suzerainty of the Sultan of Zanzibar did not have the same settler problem as in ...
Water Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa speaking to the press on 6th December 2017. [PHOTO:DAVID GICHURU/STANDARD]. A row has erupted over the proposed privatization of the controversial 1.7 million acre Galana Kulalu irrigation project after the Coast MPs vowed to evict the would be private ...
It had all began in 2011 when the Kenya got concerned about the frequent attacks by the Somalia based Al Shabaab insurgents who attacked ... Lamu OCPD, a Mr Sigei, and the Coast province Anti Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) boss, a Mr Rop, were also aware of the impending attack and did all they ...
"We suggest that the government of Kenya gazette 30 kilometers inland from the shores of the ocean to belong to the seven provinces. The Coast Province should be located 30 kilometers from the shores of the Indian Ocean." "The leaders of the Coast province should now know the facts of the coastal strip ...
On behalf of the Kenyan Government, he accepted that post-independent Kenya would promote Arabic among Muslims and allow them to administer ... Fearful that the Somalia inspired NFD rebellion could rise again, the Kenyatta regime transferred Tana River and Lamu to the new Coast province in 1964 ...
Ali further wrote that the lives of people -Kenya's soul- were of far greater importance than whatever enmity the two presidential candidates and their parties seem to have for one another. He was elected on an Independent ticket but has been allied to the Opposition coalition. He said he would work with ...
Six new coastal counties created by Kenya's 2010 constitution have replicated the closely-held patronage politics of the former Coast province, adding .... The contexts for the Kenyan, Congolese and Zimbabwean polls vary: from Kenya's competitive but flawed democracy, to DRC's long transition out of civil ...


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