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The term "social pipeline" refers to the directed movement of ideas through the use of social media. Commonly this is in reference to commercial products, but may refer to non-commercial ideas as well. logo
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updated Fri. December 29, 2023

What is different in Microsoft's case is the breadth (and sheer popularity) of the applications that Microsoft Graph affects. Microsoft Office is the most ubiquitous application suite in business and it now has a social pipeline running through it. It remains to be seen if social graph technology will live up to its ...

... Special: Sideshow Dog Burger (Rolos on the side) #ItsAStretchIKnow #IsAHotDogABurger? #LouiseBelcherIsMyHero #BobsBurgers — Robin Lopez (@rolopez42) October 31, 2017. I wanna go someplace where we know somebody who can plug us into the social pipeline.
Thus, a strong social pipeline was created between the two places," wrote Denese Neu, a community and sustainability consultant who received a doctorate in urban studies from UNO. The azalea-filled Zemurray Gardens at his former summer home in the Tangipahoa Parish town of Loranger was for years ...
It lies in our understanding of gender roles, and not in broad “only men should work and only women should stay home” strokes, which I think we've (mostly) moved past. It's more that a million little pieces of information are passed to women via a social pipeline—information that is generally not passed to ...
... followed by Instagram as a beautiful photo content, and Twitter for a perfect tete-a-tete. However, Snapchat was able to counterbalance the strengths of all three players and create a new social pipeline. Here are few reasons which have caused Snapchat's permanent success over the period of six years.
However, Snapchat was able to counterbalance the strengths of all three players and create a new social pipeline. The norm of the internet age is to create ... He saw what Zuckerberg saw: the potential to fill-in the social pipelines that other platforms had ignored. He knew he had one of the hottest apps of ...
It lets you build a social pipeline of candidates interested in your company, your jobs, or you (as a recruiter specializing in their field). When you have a job, you have a ready audience of candidates. What makes My Pipeline different from Facebook and other social networks is that the job seekers are all ...


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