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updated Mon. November 20, 2023

... at House Armed Services Committee Liz Cheney, Congresswoman at House Armed Services Committee Stephanie Murphy; Congressman at House Appropriations Committee Scott Taylor, and National Security Adviser at the Office of House of Representatives' Speaker Jeffrey Dressler.

"Imagine that everything you own is wiped away and you are suddenly a stranger in a strange land," said local attorney and multicultural community activist Jeffrey Dressler, who has played an integral role in the Jewish community's Hurricane Maria response effort. "As Jews, we know this feeling. Now we ...
Attorney Jeffrey Dressler of Dressler Law generously provided transportation, coordinated logistics and informed the Latino community about the clothing donation and the services that will available through the relief center. Boxes and packing supplies were donated by Connecticut Packaging Materials Inc.
75 Warner Ave: Jeffrey Dressler to Alyssa M. Couden, $193,500. 18 Ridge Hollow Rd: Christina Zikos and Eleas Vlahos to Lishan Zheng, $180,000. 78 Savin Park Unit 78: USA HUD to Mayra Donoso, $80,000. 33 Cove Brook Rd: Bank New York Mellon Tr to Ping Sheng and Changqun Xiong, $153,301.
—Jeffrey Dressler • Weakening of central authority and the rise of ungoverned spaces in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. —Richard Kohn • Authoritarianism. —Frederic Wehrey • The implosion of Mexico is the most serious near-term threat. —James A. Russell • Russia, whose resources, large military, ...
Jeffrey Dressler, a senior analyst with the Institute for the Study of War, said Siraj, as he is known to intelligence sources, is the "name, the face" and the "guy with all the clout" in a group that has been a major problem for coalition forces along the Afghan-Pakistan border. "He's very, very competent, a very ...
“That leaves the door open for some flexibility,” says Jeffrey Dressler, a senior analyst at the Institute for the Study of War in Washington. “So if there's something that needs to be done quickly, and we can't necessarily wait three days, then it can be sort of retroactive.” Will this sort of flexibility delegitimize the ...
During a Senate Armed Services hearing yesterday, Chairmanof the Joint Chiefs ofStaff Adm. Mike alleged what many of us have believed for some time: Elementswithin Pakistan's security services, perhaps most notably current and retired Inter-ServicesIntelligence Directorate (ISI) officials, provide ...


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