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updated Sat. October 14, 2023

In that sense, historians will have a grand second Elizabethan era to pour through, one so lengthy that those things that were features of the first half of her reign-ration books, royal family struggles ... "It is a transformation-political, economic and social-for which there are few parallels in the history of Europe.
As Richard Evans has pointed out, 20th-century British-based historians were conspicuous for producing important work on the history of other countries, especially European ones. But in recent decades there has sometimes been a contraction of scope and range; and anyway it is not any more just European history that ...

Champlin is a former journalist and historian who is currently writing a book exploring Concord as a microcosm of the American Experience in the First World War. ... of History at Saint Anselm College, with particular interests in military history, the British view of the Civil War and modern European history.
Historian De Schaepdrijver's studies of life under enemy rule have brought new attention to that period of Belgium's history—and to the often-overlooked experience of civilians during wartime. .... It's the first monument in European history to a contemporary woman of no social status.” Although Petit no ...
Her specialty is early modern European history. She is the editor-in-chief of the seven-volume 2015 Cambridge World History. ... If you could have dinner with any three historians (dead or alive), who would you choose and why? Alice Clark (1874-1934), who started the history of women's work a century ...
In that sense, historians will have a grand second Elizabethan era to pour through, one so lengthy that those things that were features of the first half of her reign – ration books, royal family ... “It is a transformation – political, economic and social – for which there are few parallels in the history of Europe.”.

All major media outlets in Germany have put themselves at the disposal of Baberowski, who teaches Eastern European history at Berlin's Humboldt University. ... Ten days later, newsweekly Der Spiegel published an article by Dirk Kurbjuweit titled “World War I Guilt: Culpability Question Divides Historians”, ...
The role he played at a pivotal moment in European history continues to inspire writers, artists and historians to revisit the life of the man, hoping to figure out who he was and capture the true nature of his character. PHOTO: Prime Minister Winston Churchill attends the trooping of the colour, June 5 1952 ...
New York University curator and historian to speak at Marshall University on Scottsboro case ... He earned a master's degree in library and information science from the University of Texas at Austin and a Ph.D. in modern European history from New York University, where he is also an affiliated faculty ...
I grew up in what political pundits now call the real America, deep red Tennessee, and that's where the big cultural divide is between the interior, the heartland, according to some historians, and the east and west coasts. That divide goes all the way back to the Civil War. And I don't know at what point we'll ...

Peppino, as his friends called him, wrote hundreds of popular articles as well as his scholarly tomes, insisting throughout that we had to view specific historical questions -- Neapolitan history, for example -- in the broad context of European history, from ancient Jewish thought and action, through Greece ...
The surge in works that explore “what went wrong” in the state of Western democracy leads me to wonder what the late British historian Tony Judt .... Judt's premature death robbed the world of one of its foremost historians and a voice that would surely have helped make sense of our disordered present.
She hopes to one day achieve a doctorate in her field, likely with a specialty in European history. “If I'm not asleep or I'm not in class, I'm probably researching history topics, organizing my thoughts to eventually write books. I try to stay motivated to work towards a career path,” she said. “The teaching aspect ...
This idea of Czech national heroes playing a leading role in European history can also be seen in the way 13th-century cleric Jan Hus is presented. ... While he is often presented as part of the battle for Czech independence, historians invariably mention his links to the English theologian John Wycliffe and ...
Emmanuel Macron appointed a Senegalese economist and French art historian to study the repatriation of African artifacts held in museum collections in France. ... “The story of African collections is a shared European history, a family affair if you will, where aesthetic curiosity, scientific interests, military ...
EXCLUSIVE: Docu-drama The Real War of Thrones: A History of Europe, produced by French/UK indie Pernel Media, has closed a raft of deals ... originally commissioned by French broadcaster France 5 before A+E Networks' History UK ordered an English-language version fronted by historian Dan Jones ...


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