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Aeschylus and his audience would have understood that every curse is attended by a being known as an Erinys (AKA a Fury), which Stehl describes as a “concretization of the power of words.” Although his prayer is born of his need to preserve Thebes, Eteokles inadvertently condemns the city by inviting ...

Maybe the assassins needed the relaxation: earlier that day Lugovoi had almost managed to poison Litvinenko in the offices of Erinys, a 'business intelligence' outfit on Grosvenor Street. 'Business intelligence' companies are everywhere in Mayfair. Often run by (?former) spooks, they perform due diligence ...
That morning – at 11.49 – Lugovoi called Litvinenko from Gatwick airport to confirm their meeting that afternoon at the intelligence firm Erinys in Grosvenor Street. Litvinenko thought this was a routine meeting. Lugovoi had offered himself as Litvinenko's business partner, giving advice to western firms ...
10.12 I am sure that the two men had made an earlier attempt to poison Mr Litvinenko, also using polonium 210, at the Erinys meeting on 16 October 2006. 10.13 I am sure that Mr Lugovoy and Mr Kovtun knew that they were using a deadly poison (as opposed, for example, to a truth drug or a sleeping ...
Litvinenko had been introduced to Kovtun by Lugovoi one month earlier in the boardroom of Erinys, a private security company. It was there that the two men made a first attempt to poison Litvinenko, according to the report into the killing released Thursday in Britain. Andrei Lugovoi (right) smiles entering ...
Erinys Iraq Ltd had a contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers from 2003 to 2007. That contract obliged Erinys to follow the Rules for Use of Force ("RUF") and Rules for Escalation of Force ("EOF") as laid down in US Army Regulations 19014 on the "Carrying of Firearms and Use of Force for Law ...
... Sheraton Hotel later that month, Kovtun's bedroom in the Millennium Hotel, the boardroom at private security company Erinys where Lugovoi met Litvinenko in mid-October, and the table and teapot at Pine Bar, where Litvinenko drank the fatal dose of polonium-210, after it had been mixed with green tea.
Reilly, at the time a senior executive at the private security company Erinys International, told the inquiry that he had been working with Litvinenko in the months before the murder in November 2006. Litvinenko had introduced him to Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun, the two men later accused of his ...
Giving evidence on Monday, Erinys director John Holmes said that he saw Litvinenko regularly and drank coffee with him “three or four times”. Typically, Litvinenko would deal with his Russian-speaking colleague Tim Reilly, Holmes said. In April 2006, Litvinenko brought Andrei Lugovoi with him to the ...
This list was created from data covering contract transactions executed in fiscal years 2004, 2005, and 2006, where the reported place of performance was Iraq or Afghanistan. The data — available from the General Service Administration's Federal Procurement Data System — is limited to the 100 vendors ...


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