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"The Defence Manufacturers Association (DMA) represents the interests of all sectors of the British Defence Industry to UK and Overseas Government bodies and Defence Contractors.

Established in 1976, it is a non profit making trade association with a Membership of over 370 companies. It provides focus for action and advice to an industry that employs over 400,000 people, which is approximately 10 per cent of the UK's industrial workforce.

It is governed by a Council of 20 elected representatives from Member companies and manages a number of committees and special interest groups. These not only help to provide focus within the industry but can play a key role in helping the UK Government develop policy. Advice on representation, contracts, procurement, exporting, the provision of marketing intelligence and the organisation of seminars, group exhibition attendance and missions are just some of the activities undertaken by the DMA.

Dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of the UK Defence Industry to both National Security and the economy, it is frequently asked to make submissions to the UK House of Commons and Parliamentary groups. It also undertakes lobbying on behalf of its Membership and, through education, strives to ensure that the industry and its activities are accurately represented."

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updated Mon. January 22, 2024

The Ministry of Defense, Manufacturers Association of Israel, and the Indian Industries Association are now trying to extend the ties even further and facilitate cooperation between Israeli companies and companies involved in future procurement of armored vehicles by the Indian army. The aim is to have ...

He was also chairman of the Defence Manufacturers' Association. In retirement in London, he designed and built a highly sensitive seismograph, though some frequencies had to be filtered out to avoid recording the vibrations of passing buses. His work led to articles in technical magazines and prizes.
Signed and ratified by the UK on Christmas Eve 2014, the ATT was fought hard for by stakeholders working with one another across the political spectrum: Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander, Conservative MP Alistair Burt, the TUC and, notably, the Defence Manufacturers Association ...
After learning that Elbit, a leading Israeli weapons maker, has been invited to take part in a Rotterdam exhibition next Tuesday (20 November), I called the event's organizers, the Netherlands Defence Manufacturers Association (NIDV). My question was simple: How can you justify inviting a company that ...
A highly experienced pilot with a first-class Cambridge degree in physics, Burridge is also a member of the council of the Defence Manufacturers Association. 'The MoD has to think very hard in its 2015 review whether it wishes to develop the Typhoon, or to buy further F-35s and nothing else,' he says.
One night, they were both the DMAs – the Direct Marketing Association and Defence Manufacturers Association. I had to get my monologues right that night. Which has been the least glamorous show you've done? The most fun are those where the people don't get to be glamorous the rest of the year, like ...
A|D|S| was created earlier this year through the merger of the former Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) with the UK 's Defence Manufacturers Association and the police and public security suppliers association. “There is a lot of overlap as we look across security, aerospace and defence,” ...
For example, in France acquisition is largely left to special bodies to complete the process within the desired time and the desired technology criteria. The defence forces only need to spell out broad operational requirement. An organisation such as the DMA (Defence Manufacturers' Association) of the UK ...


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